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Lambretta - 1962

I had a Lambretta just like this one that Cliff Richard is on. It did not look too good after I wrapped around a lampost. Nor was I, I spent six months in hospital and rehabilitation - that explains why I joined the RAF with the 97th Entry and graduated with the 98th
BSA Bantam 125cc

BSA Bantam 125cc - 1968

I used this little motorbike for a few months until I passed my driving test. When I eventually got a car I stripped the bike down to the last nut and bolt with a view to refurbishing it. Six years later all the bits went to the scrapheap.
Austin A35

Austin A35 - 1968-1970

Sally and Karen with my first car on Salisbury Plain. Actually it's not the first car I had. The first one was bought a week before and written off the day I got it, so I had to get another - the same model.
Austin A40

Austin A40 - 1970-1972

A sensible family saloon.
Triumph Vitesse

Triumph Vitesse - 1972-1976

A hairy machine with a 2 litre 6 cylinder engine.
Pictured outside our married quarter
27, Berryfields, Melkshan
Fiat 127

Fiat 127 - 1976-1980

I did a lot of miles in this car, mainly on RAF business, it eventually rotted away and I drove it to the junk yard. Shown here outside our married quarter at Plumbe Court, Wantage.
Fiat 126

Fiat 126 - 1981-1984

The first new car that I ever bought, very small but it suited me at the time as I was single. Written off outside the chip shop on Swaffham Hill.

Mini - 1984- 1986

On racing bike getting ready to start the 1986 London-Brighton Cycle Ride. The Mini behind. It became Karen's first car.
Transit Van & Fiesta

Ford Transit & Fiesta 1986-1992

The Transit replaced the Fiesta in 1988 but for a brief period I had both. Shown here at our caravan at Burnham Market.
Mini Pick-up

Mini Pick-up - 1992-1994

Outside the house that I bought in December 1988 for £60,000 that was sold from under me for £30,000 in May 1993
MG Midget

MG Midget - 2000-2004

I fancied one of these when they first came out but that was not possible as I was married with two kids, I achieved my ambition in the autumn of my years. Great fun driving around the country lanes of Norfolk in the summer.

Bike - 2004 - Present

I guess that my first transport was a tricycle, now I have got a bicycle - more or less full circle.
Dereham Nipper

Dereham Nipper Bus - 2005

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